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Jack Vinson, C. T. Sun, and Tsu-Wei Chou

1998 Technomic Award Winner Jack R. Vinson and ASC Award Winner Tsu-Wei Chou flank newly elected ASC Fellow C. T. Sun. The three were honored at the 13th Technical Conference.


Two University of Delaware faculty members were honored at the American Society for Composites (ASC) Thirteenth Technical Conference, held in Baltimore in September 1998. Dr. Tsu-Wei Chou, Jerzy L. Nowinski Professor of Mechanical Engineering, received the ASC Distinguished Research Award, and Dr. Jack R. Vinson, H. Fletcher Brown Professor of Mechanical Engineering, received the Technomic Award for outstanding contributions in service, applied research, and education. Prof. C. T. Sun of Purdue University was elected as an ASC Fellow. The awards were presented by Mike Hyer of Virginia Tech.

Established in 1988, the ASC Award has been won by a number of prominent researchers in the field of composites. The Technomic Award was established in 1995 and is given by the Society in conjunction with Technomic Publishing Company, a leading publisher of composites-related books, journals, and proceedings.

Chou and Vinson have both been active in composites research and education at the University of Delaware for almost three decades. Vinson, founder of the University's world-renowned Center for Composite Materials and its first director, taught the first course in composite material structures at Delaware in the fall of 1969. The following semester, Chou initiated a course on composites with an emphasis on the material aspects of the topic.

This is the second year in a row that the recipients of the two awards were from the same university. In 1997, Stanford University's Stephen Tsai and George Springer, both well-known and oft-cited researchers in the field, received the Technomic and ASC awards, respectively.