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Tables of Contents from ASC Proceedings

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ASC Conference Proceedings

Past ASC conference proceedings are available for purchase until supplies are exhausted.  Please contact the following persons or places for availability and cost information on particular conference proceedings last known to be available:

  • 13th Technical Conference (1998, Baltimore, MD).  Contact Dr. Tony Vizzini at vizzini@ae.msstate.edu.
  • 14th Technical Conference (1999, Dayton, OH)  Contact Dr. James Whitney at jwhitney@engr.udayton.edu
  • 15th Technical Conference (2000, College Sta., TX).  Contact Dr. James Whitney at jwhitney@engr.udayton.edu.
  • 16th Technical Conference (2001, Blacksburg, VA).  Contact Dr. Michael Hyer at hyerm@vt.edu.
  • 17th Technical Conference (2002, W. Lafayette, IN).  Contact CRC Press, 3848 FAU Blvd., Boca Raton, FL, 33431.
  • 18th Technical Conference (2003, Gainesville, FL).  Contact Dr. Bhavani V. Sankar (sankar@ufl.edu) or Dr. Peter G. Ifju (pgi@mae.ufl.edu).
  • 19th Technical Conference (2004, Atlanta, GA).  Contact Dr. Erian Armanios at erian.armanios@ae.gatech.edu
  • 20th Technical Conference (2005, Philadelphia, PA) Contact Dr. Frank Ko at fko@coe.drexel.edu
  • 21st Technical Conference (2006, Deaborn, MI) Contact Dr. Pankaj Mallick at pkm@umich.edu
  • 22nd Technical Conference (2007, Seattle, WA) Contact Dr. Paolo Feraboli at feraboli@aa.washington.edu
  • 23rd Technical Conference (2008, Memphis, TN) Contact Dr. Anthony Vizzini at tony.vizzini@wichita.edu
  • 24th Technical Conference (2009, Newark, DE) Contact Dr. John Gillespie at gillespie@ccm.udel.edu
  • 25th Technical Conference (2010, Dayton, OH) Contact Dr. Steven Donaldson at steven.donaldson@notes.udayton.edu
  • 26th Technical Conference (2011, Montreal, Quebec, Canada) Contact Dr. Suong Hoa at suong.hoa@concordia.ca
  • 27th Technical Conference (2012, Arlington, TX) Contact Dr. Wen Chan at chan@uta.edu
  • 28th Technical Conference (2013, State College, PA) Contact Dr. Charles Bakis at cbakis@psu.edu
  • 29th Technical Conference (2014, University of California San Diego, CA) Contact Dr. Hyonny Kim at hyonny@ucsd.edu
  • 30th Technical Conference (2015, East Lansing, MI) Contact Dr. Xiaran Xiao at xinran@msu.edu
  • 31st Technical Conference (2016, Williamsburg, VA) Contact Dr. Barry Dabidson at bddavuds@syr.edu
  • 32nd Technical Conference (2017, West Lafayette, IN) Contact Dr. Wenbin Yu at wenbinyu@purdue.edu


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